Math Animations(Mathematics Animations)

The animations provide short, sharp, visual explanations of mathematical concepts, including numbers, decimals, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry (perimeter and area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids,...), measurement, algebra, clocks and time.

Who is it for?
It is for everyone interested in mathematics. It is principally designed for upper primary and lower secondary teachers to use in the classroom, but students interested in deepening their understanding of core concepts will also find the app useful.

Customer Reviews :

★★★★★ by Greg Garner
Great way to "see" how math works!

★★★★★ by iPad Dad3
Awesomely Effective!!! An absolutely amazing and brilliant way to visually demonstrate basic math principles! Thank you!

★★★★★ by Ms. Disappointed
Never too late
It took me 39 years how to do algebra...thanks to this little app. It is actually embarrassing now that I realize how easy algebra is. Thank you.